Husband and wife arguing shelf woman carrying the child actually committed suicide after suffering from depression son died a death the woman was taken away by police investigation
Due to conflicts with her husband , the woman Xiaowei ( a pseudonym ) has listed the youngest son killed trying to commit suicide. Then rushed to the families rushed to hospital , the child eventually died , Xiaowei escape after the police away.
Reporters interviewed many confirmed that a small guard had suffered from depression , currently Haidian police in the investigation .
Stuffed miserable couple altercation
23 -year-old David Lee and her husband live in the Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun North First Street, a research institute of the dormitory building. April 13 at noon , the couple quarrel at home , many people had to go home persuasion . Later, Lee and his mother go out in a small guard and son alone .
In the afternoon, Lee repeatedly call Xiaowei phone is always in a state can not be turned on . Until the evening , a small guard ‘s phone was connected.
Phone, Xiaowei said only “children” after Liang Zi , will have no words. Lee home immediately and found a small guard lying on the floor , head out of the blood , and his son lying quietly in bed, had stopped breathing .
Family still throw a life saving alarm
After the incident, Li mother and other family members rushed to the scene . They found that children do not have injuries, get people suspect may have been suffocated quilt . Lee immediately to the mother of the child to do artificial respiration , kept the children by the chest , blowing, but to no avail .
The Guardian is a small side face covered in blood , the hair stained with blood clots , there is a hole in its forehead , everyone hurried to the police . After the incident, 120 emergency vehicles rushed , mother and son were rushed to the Haidian hospital. That night, declared dead son died a small guard is out of danger.
A family member said that the incident in the bedroom found a small guard left in the room , before a few words to the effect that : . ” Mike , I’m gone, figured out all the things I put my own children away …… ”
That night , the police survey the scene after a suicide note away . 21:30 , police guard away from the hospital to a small survey .
According to neighbors reflect the feelings of the couple has been good, and occasionally noisy but not particularly intense. May be due to the incident before Xiaowei want to return to her family in Hebei Xingtai , but refused disgruntled . Reporters interviewed many confirmed, Xiaowei suffering from depression .
This morning, the reporter learned from the Haidian police , according to preliminary investigations, the Department of Women’s mother of the child . Currently, Haidian police are still investigating the matter.

Last night , a man in the Tianhe Airport Parking commit suicide , after being the police , medical rescue woke up , the man on the pretext of looking for the toilet , wall violently beaten by the police …… careful investigation revealed that the man turned out to be occurred 10 days ago with a major in Zaoyang murder ( one dead and one seriously injured ) maker . Yesterday, the Tianhe Airport police station, Huangpi District Tianhe Street police station will be handed over to the suspect Zaoyang Interpol brigade .
Qian Riwan 7:40 Tianhe Tianhe Airport police station and Huangpi Street police station has received a report: Tianhe Airport has a public parking area G man foaming at the mouth , like a poison !
Tianhe Airport police station Huang Rong Chen led the police immediately rushed to the scene , the man in rags , was about 60 years old , foaming at the mouth , Qiruoyousi , one side has a lot of pink vomit . Promptly notify the airport police emergency center . Ambulance arrived at the airport after the infirmary for treatment, the man still unconscious.
Airport police and rescue shelter Huangpi contact , after rescue shelter staff arrived, and the police , along with the medical staff escorted the man to the medical condition of good Huangpi District People’s Hospital.
After a night rescue, yesterday morning , the man finally woke up, the man said to the toilet , who knows he went to the toilet and then suddenly turned its head against the wall , driven to the wall . Medical staff immediately forcibly brought to the ward , bandage . And the man still refused treatment.
Poison , against the wall , the man refused treatment …… Why such a strong desire to die ? To find out, we must ascertain their identity. Airport police station, Tianhe Street police station immediately this investigation.
The man police check carry-on items , found no proof of identity, but there are a lot of Ling Chao , much like one of vagrants and beggars .
Police waiting at the man’s bed, his talk, his initial silence . Later, he said he has named Han Long , HANYOUNG police by household network queries are not on the number . Later, Chen Jun , director of the airport police station where the man was asked who the man is slowly say ” Zaoyang Taiping town people .” This sentence alone ,that contact Zaoyang Taiping Town Police Station . Town police asked the man in the physical characteristics and the relevant circumstances , the initial judgment : This person is very likely that April 8th place in Zaoyang Village , Taiping Town, Liu Han Xinan together murder suspect , the police are currently Zaoyang is Zaoyang , Xiangyang , Suizhou, Henan area arrest the murderer.
After the hospital head bandaged the man , the police will take them to the police station for questioning.
At the police station , the man admitted that he is Han Xinan . For killing everybody’s business , he initially concocted a lie : his wife and his younger brother’s wife because of trouble, younger brother’s wife come to play , they each took a hoe into a fight with each other , they killed each other to each other . Police asked : you were doing ? Han Xinan said: I was on the side watching , then see two people are dead ( actually one dead and one seriously injured ) , very scared to run ……
Han Xinan claimed: fear , in Henan, Suizhou other places begging a few days later, always felt there are two ” ghost ” in the back to catch himself , so he bought the rat poison , ready to commit suicide , just ride a bus, not expect to sit Tianhe Airport , get off , to find a secluded place to commit suicide by taking poison .
Zaoyang police, April 8 , two bloodied woman was rushed to hospital Zaoyang villagers , the villagers said it might be caused by family disputes fight , the two women are sisters-in relationships. Hospital to see a doctor is not right , you call the police. One of the women because of his injuries died , another woman was rescued out of danger . Rushed to the site of the incident when the local Interpol found the head of householdnot at home, then has its object as a key suspect , and expand the chase and do their work .
Under the joint work in Wuhan , Zaoyang police , Hanxin An account of the absconding after the killings themselves crimes. April 8 ,see his wife was not at home , and finally home to find his wife in the younger brother’s wife , and before leaving he quarreled with the younger brother’s wife .
That night, the younger brother’s wife came to his home to find his wife , when Han Xinan pick up sticks , hoes and other tools pursuit sister , wife rushed forward to dissuade , then tempered Han Xinan the hoe and pound his wife until both the bloodbath , Han Xinan was frightened, fled overnight .
According to the police investigation Zaoyang , Han Xinan aged 60, usually no friends in life, nor any dealings with relatives , temperament is very strange

WASHINGTON ( Reporter Liu Haifeng ) 21 evening , the very fact that the tenant to the landlord shows a photo: on the wall , hey , even has a ghost . Tenant claimed that this leads to too much stress , requiring check-out.

The very fact that the Peak District is one of the couriers , who lives in 108 communities Castle Street, metallurgy , her husband passed away last year . In August, the very fact that the house rented to a foot shop as staff quarters , a term of one year , the monthly rent $ 1200.

November 21 morning, Ms. Zhang received electricity supply company ‘s phone calls , she followed a telephone call to the foot store . Evening 9:00 , square foot store boss to boss her trip to the store anyway . Ms. Zhang was curious , and soon arrived at the store .

As a result, party boss pulled out a cell phone to call up a photo, said to be photographed in her home . This picture actually has a disheveled ” ghost .” The very fact that a frightened look on , think of the death of her husband in the house , she went home that night and burned paper money . Yesterday morning, the very fact that the relatives and friends talk about it , we do not believe the big day can be haunted.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the industry of this three-way foot store , a saleswoman showed reporters this photo . The female clerk said it was her friends and chat freely photographed . Reporters repeatedly asked whether photos tampered with , the clerk who said no .

Reporter then went to rental housing, the very fact that the witness , the reporter repeated the same angle shot multiple photos, found no ” ghost .” Ms. Zhang speculated that this is a party boss to check out to find reasons to avoid default because of rent deposit is forfeited . Party boss says , employees frightened afraid to go back to live, retire deposit is normally required .

Reporter Internet search found that some software can take pictures by adding ” ghost ” image . Meanwhile, a story about the TV series ” package Sangu outsiders” on an entertainment website , stills in the ” ghost ” and the party bosses exactly the same phone . So far, the ” haunted house” to uncover the truth .

WCC : 7:55 last night , Dazhou District Public Security Bureau official microblogging Dalcheon “flat Anda Chuan ” said, ” propped fall grandmother , three children alleged incident , ” has been identified , the injured Chiang certain lines themselves fall , Jiang Moumou , Gong Moumou ( Jiang Moumou son ) belongs to extortion. To administrative detention forpenalties ( due to the age of 70 years , according to the decision not to execute ) , whileto administrative detention on the 10th , a fine of 500 yuan penalty 7th .

7:55 last night , regarding the progress of a new ” propped fall grandmother , three children alleged incident , parents are claims for medical expenses .” Dazhou City Public Security Bureau official microblogging Dalcheon area “flat Anda Chuan ,” said been identified himself fell victim Jiang Moumou Department , not by the three children down , Jiang Moumou , Gong Moumou ( Jiang Moumou son ) acts in a racketeering . Dazhou District Branch of the Public Security Bureau Dalcheonto administrative detention for seven days ( for violation of personnelattained 70 years of age , according to the decision not to execute ) , whileto administrative detention for 10 days and a fine of 500 yuan penalty.

Constitute extortion

Great-grandmother son was arrested row

10:30 last night , reporters to reach the city Public Security Bureau of South Dalcheon district police station, Gong Moumou being punished in the police station. Around 23:00 , the police produced the penalty decision : to give Jiang Moumou administrative detention punishment ( for violating personnelattained 70 years of age , according to the decision not to execute ) on the 7th , while giving administrative detention for 10 days, a fine of 500 yuan penalty.

Three people to testify , ” the great-grandmother of his own fall .”

South outside the police station staff , three people said witnessed the trouble spot , indeed old Jiang Moumou own fall , has nothing to do with the three kids . “Because there is no on-site monitoring, most intuitive evidence can not be obtained by visiting the feedback, no nearby residents said the elderly Jiang Moumou see the kids knocked down , but there are three clear that the old man saw himself fall , it is important for police investigators basis . ”

Forced to ask for compensation

Parents of children threatened

For punishment, Gong Moumou refused to sign , saying : ” Detention of detention , the word I can not sign ! ” After the completion of their program last night, 11:20 ,was brought to the police rushed to a detention center.

“Because after the event,victim was forced to stay home one day, and said as no compensation will not leave the children of parents in the case of threatened agreed to pay compensation , this behavior has constituted extortion blackmail , which is the main reason for the detention of two police implemented . ” police officials said .

The attitude of the parties

Parents: “finally has an innocent child .”

11 points last night , three children and parents accepted the newspaper reporters. Parents Jiang said , when you hear this news , my heart dropped a stone , and am very pleased that finally has three children an innocent. Parents Yang said: ” After the incident , causing great psychological impact on children , but also to the psychological stress caused by family members after the incident, the child was later asked encountered such a thing does not help also help , I told him . sure to help ” parents Yu said:” when I got the call , my son had to sleep, I woke him up and told him the news, he jumped from the bed look , and was very happy . ”

” Know the truth before smacking , very guilty .”

In addition , three parents thanked police and the newspaper . Parents Yang said: ” Thanks to actively investigate the public security organs , as well as the entire newspaper reports and supervision , so that things get resolved so quickly to the children later in life which brought great confidence .” Home of the Yangtze River Mr. said that the past few months he and his family under great pressure, especially his father ideological pressure, he was very afraid of this thing affect the health of the elderly. ” On the day I went to the scene Shihai hit my son two ears, then I thought he was really knocked down , the next person to tell me that he was not knocked down , he is to help them help .” Jiang said , behind I later learned the truth , I feel particularly sorry for my son , so this time I was around to collect evidence , we must also my son is innocent .

Great-grandmother family : grandmother grandson refused to accept the punishment results

10:10 last night , the reporter called the grandmother ‘s son Gong Moumou phone , the phone is great-grandmother grandson Gongmou . The results of the public security organs will be punished reporter told him , he said that refuses to accept the results of the punishment .

November 20 afternoon, the reporter a telephone interview with the great-grandmother ‘s daughter , daughter says her mother is in their homes fall , when the reporter asked to interview her mother , and her face , she said he was outside . November 20 to November 22 evening morning, reporters were calling Gong house three times , but they did not agree to be interviewed.

Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed face to face with a number of media grandmother Jiang Moumou and their families , great-grandmother and his family insisted that he was knocked down by a child , as the great-grandmother ‘s daughter in the afternoon of the 20th great-grandmother was an interview why say in their own homes fall , Gong Moumou and his wife , said the children’s parents Jiang let them say so , so easy reimbursement of medical expenses .

Children : the future will help the elderly

” After experiencing a fall or to help my mother .” Jiang ‘s son Xiaohua ( a pseudonym ) told reporters encountered this kind of thing is rare . Yu ‘s son Xiaopeng ( a pseudonym ) said : “After this happens, I still want to help , but I want to find someone to help individuals before me prove it .” Mr. Yang ‘s son also said that after experiencing this case also help , because the school teachers to teach them, the community is more than good .

Three children were from Sanliping primary, Daxian Tongchuan District Experimental Primary School and seven small . After the matter has been concerned about the development of seven small Tongchuan District teachers and students heard courageous act has finally been done, all very excited.

@ Northwest wolf _73156 : After you have bought a small camera , with the help of others when record video , so be extortion.

@ Sichuan media people : their extortion than those specially Pengci fraud more hateful !

@ Yan Cheng : Do not pollute the child’s mind ! @ Microblogging Keren : people have a sincere heart , do not do things contrary to the moral conscience , otherwise the punishment will be beyond your imagination .

@ Invincible dragons package : I hope not because that child’s mind and cast a dark matter .

Yantai July 4th extensive network news ( Reporter Bo Sun Yantai , Shandong Taiwan Taiwan reporters Zhang Feifei ) The Voice of China “News ” reported on July 2 morning, a company located in Yantai, Shandong dormitory burst fire zone. The fire was first discovered Jiang Zhou Jiang , general manager , rushed into the fire twice , by being awakens the sleeping room staff . 10 employees have been rescued , but was Zhou Jiang Jiang choking smoke down on the ground , gave the age of 28 lives.
Zhou Jiang Jiang morning fire burst into fire second time
Tongzhou Branch Construction Total Group located in Yantai, Shandong Yantai Development Zone odd chapter community , a three-storey dormitory building , has now been changed beyond recognition in a fire on the 2nd morning . Floor window has been burned many of the ” black hole” , the side walls of the third floor , there are two fires burning through the clear traces of the wall have been blackened glass all off, leaving the room after the fire the rest of the broken iron bed shelf. Fire occurred at at 0:40 on July 2 around the fire in the company dormitory three, Zhou Jiang Jiang lived here Branch Manager and 10 employees , Zhou Jiang Jiang after the first time that the fire jumped to the downstairs rushed. Inter glimmer , he suddenly realized that the sleeping quarters colleagues , then returned to the third floor , burst into flames. Already asleep Chenyu Bing is awakened by a burst of rapid knock on the door .
Chenyu Bing : We all sleep, Zhou Jiang Jiang on shouting every one of us , we did not know what sleepily , I opened the door I saw the smoke , the smell immediately came in, I knew something was wrong.
Emergency incident , employees have a panic one o’clock , then, Zhou Jiang Jiang eleven calmly directing everyone to evacuate . When Zhou Jiang Jiang knock over all the doors , down the stairs after the second , found only down eight employees, two of whom are still upstairs . He then rushed into the building and turning back the second time . At this point , the fire growing, smoke filled the corridor . And an employee were rescued, one upstairs only Choucai Ping .
Choucai Ping : about 1 o’clock , hazy heard there are people inside , I live in the innermost stairs , heard popping sounds, opened the door, hit the doorknob , my hot woke up , I saw crack, how there is a fire , you lost your mind , stand up , middle of the night did not come across this situation, how can we not panic ah , I was lying on the balcony , this time, not like in the house when it panic, yelling for help on the mission , less than two minutes , all the fire inside the house .
Zhou Jiang Jiang heroic sacrifice employees can not accept the fact
And then rescued twice found upstairs Zhou Jiang Jiang had not been down, they sent two strong guy holding a wet pillow upstairs looking for, but fierce fire , rushed to the second floor and a half only failed. After the 0:51 alarm , police officers and firefighters rushed to the scene rapidly , a rescue, a group of fire. Fire officers rescued仇彩萍by pulling the ladder on the balcony , and handheld respirator search in flames . Finally in the third floor of the dormitory East has fallen head found Jiang Jiang Zhou , quickly lift it down the stairs, turn to the medical staff , on-site rescue . Unfortunately, it was too late , Zhou Jiang Jiang suffocate. Many rescued employees can not accept this fact.
Chenyu Bing : how far I can not accept , as if he was just the same trip , you can come back.
When the rescued workers later learned Choucai Ping Zhou Jiang Jiang order to save her and the second into the fire last sacrifice , it is difficult to accept this painful reality.
Choucai Ping : he was down to one person I went up call , I later learned , when I was so sad, so young Zhou Jiang Jiang , he certainly did not have me, can not accept , how can you forget him.
80 promising young leader
Zhou Jiang Jiang , 28 years old , tall, fair-skinned , handsome looks . In recent years, he followed his father into the real estate investment and development in Yantai , Suzhou University student was back during the financial professionals after graduation returned to help his father take care of the family tobacco industry . Zhou Jiang Jiang walked into the office , which is a typical young entrepreneur ‘s office, the huge desk did not finish as well as a bunch of grapes and biscuits, desk are some of the sports equipment , you can see he likes sports exercise. Employees say Zhou Jiang Jiang as the boss, the staff has always been to be calm and humble weekdays , know how to respect others.
Chenyu Bing : really virtuous man , a leader in the 80 count , usually enough for our concern, care .
Air conditioning power short circuit caused the tragedy
It is understood that last year through the layers of the test , Zhou Jiang Jiang added Yantai reserve a certain division . After I heard the news, was originally intended to grant issued July 5th rank , military uniforms, Yantai reserve three days in advance of a division related to leadership certificates and clothing to Zhou Jiang Jiang father hands of local authorities are reported to him the honorary title . Reporter linked to Zhou Jiang Jiang ‘s father when he was busy by Sangzaizhitong son ‘s body back home for burial in Nantong, Jiangsu , declined a reporter’s interview . Currently, the cause of this fire has been identified , is caused by the air conditioning supply shorted.

Beijing Times (Reporter WANG Li-xia ) yesterday around 3:00 , Beijing University of Chemical Technology , East Campus , Building 6, a student apartment suddenly caught fire , building emergency evacuation of all students . Preliminary judge for 4-layer toilet trash or cigarette butts on fire because of the accident caused no casualties .

Student dormitory incident, 4th floor , Building 6, the north side of the toilet . According to the students living in the building Zhao introduced yesterday around 3:00 , she heard sirens in their sleep and a sudden burst of fire sprinkler sound , opposite quarters of the students knocked loudly and shouting ” fire .” “We are rapidly from South Hall downstairs , inside corridor full of smoke .” Said Zhao students , as a matter of urgency , as well as many students hastily ran downstairs in his pajamas .

Yesterday, 3:40 , Asian Games Village determine that the fire has been ruled out fire squadron , organized students return to school dormitory .

It is understood that the 6th dormitory is the largest school district in the dormitory , a total of 18 floors , can accommodate more than 4,000 people to stay. There are students that this is the third fire within the building for nearly two months . “But the first two are relatively small , once touched by fire smoke fire alarm . Again due to excessive use of electricity within the dormitory , a fire burned wire curtain .”

Yesterday , the school said in a statement , the student will not extinguish the fire because of cigarette butts thrown on the debris led to the toilet , causing no casualties.

Dormitories without water , rainwater shower student ?

Dongguan someone’s textile and apparel school students said it was mischievous ; Reporter survey found that dormitory really dry , the school will be called as soon as possible

Dongguan, a public school in the summer without water , the students five days without a bath , to rainwater life ? Online ” map with the truth ” , reprinted click rate is also high , the truth in the end is what? May 22 , someone’s Dongguan City, the textile and garment School ( former Humen Weiyuan vocational ) , said online posts should be student prank. But the school also acknowledged that because of the surge of students live on campus , there has been insufficient focus on water supply situations , are transforming the water pipes , the week is expected to solve the problem .

Net exposure rainwater student life

May 21 , “walking the orange ” in Veg online made ​​a post entitled ” cup ! Schools without water , the students five days without a bath , to rainwater life .” Text word much, but point out this happened in Dongguan City, the textile and garment School , said a summer quarters on from time to time without water , but also with the students in the morning grooming drinking water. Dongguan has been raining recently , the friends said , the rain , all students have to take pot then water , shampoo , shower . Finally, still in post in laments: ” No water will be dead in the summer , rain down into the straw ! ” Posts back is also equipped with a 3 Zhang Xuesheng rainwater basin pictures . There are pictures of text , the quote is issued on the first day of hits over 210,000 , there are 183 replies .

Dormitory tap water does not

The school is located in Dongguan City, the textile and garment Weiyuan Humen Town , Dongguan City, the island formerly known as vocational schools Humen Weiyuan , mainly related to personnel training and garment industry , are directly under the Dongguan City public schools . In September of this year , the school enrolled students primarily for local household registration . Photo on the alleged student dormitory is located in the hillside school , a total of six storeys , was back shaped structure .

According to the school introduced a logistics administrator , the student dormitories on the first floor is a student canteen , dormitory remaining five layers . ” Water is a story of normal, but more than three water supply is not normal .” The manager said , higher student dormitories terrain , from the foot of the pumping pressure is not stable enough , which leads to pumping of water can not be sufficient supply. “Usually the students class time better, centralized water supply is not on it after school .”

However, 22 am , the Yangcheng Evening News reporter site visits , and this statement that the situation is somewhat different . In a male dormitory on the second floor , the reporter random unscrew two taps , the results out of a small group of water, there would be no water came out . A boy in the dormitory , said the phenomenon is not water bath for a period of time, almost the entire student dormitories are so movement back to the body in sweat , only buckets to fetch water Yamashita other student dormitories .

The school said it was not enough because of rough water pipes

Rainwater shower is true ? Dongguan City, the textile and garment school teacher surnamed Blue said , it should be posted online student prank , just speculation misinformation , would like to draw attention to the relevant departments to solve the problem this way .

Dorm is not new, why would water this year ? Blue said the teacher , dorm plumbing design problems, two-inch pipe is not sufficient to assume so many students focus on water. It is reported that the living quarters designed to carry thousands of students in the year before enrolling in vocational Dongguan release new smile , the students mainly local students, more than to return home , this dormitory only lived less than 300 people, the water does not nervous , but now the number has doubled to live .

Blue teacher told reporters that the next will be to replace the pipes, the pipes will be replaced all 2 inches 4 inches. It is reported that the replacement of water mains, cutting roads and other needs , estimated to use a week’s time .

11 o’clock yesterday morning , Fuzhou Cangshan Fu Moon Bay Metro Court occurred a distressing thing, 77 year-old resident Uncle Wang put water in their own way home suddenly collapsed downstairs , He died tragic death , no chance to see his family one last time. It is understood that the cell where Uncle Wang has been without water for three days, residents can carry water to survive. Uncle Wang for water is on the way home from an accident . Currently, relevant departments have been involved in investigating the matter.

Ten thousand residents rely on water sprinklers

Then line up to wait for half an hour the water for the elderly

Fu Lin Wan Town residents Sister Moon Court , Building 31, with the reporter came to the king ‘s uncle lived , ” the elderly fall is here , the elevator did not enter .”

Uncle Wang Zheng aunt ‘s family , said the same day around 11:00 , Uncle Wang took the bucket to the sprinkler line up downstairs at Building 20 , went home to pick up a bucket of water to go , who knows just suddenly collapsed to the ground floor , the family saw it , only to see him lying on the ground .

“Or put the water back when neighbors discovered , and quickly notify your family down, and then call the 120 emergency calls and 110 calls .” Zheng aunt said , the doctors came to rescue , or did not put people back to save .

“This district is very large, Building 31, in the innermost , that came from the sprinkler to ten minutes , the old man carrying such a heavy water come so far , how can I bear ! ” Zheng aunt very sad.

In the vicinity of the cell door downstairs Building 20 , the reporter saw two rows of long queues , residents holding vat keg waiting to take water sprinkler that .

To line up for water in most of the elderly, and even holding small grandchildren to mention the water , very few young . “During the day young people went to work , carrying water only rely on our old man .” Zheng uncle said.

Residents Zhang aunt said , in the 20th district is suddenly without water , has now been three days , ” the water is suddenly stopped , and did not notice , we are a little preparation and no .” “For water, we residents have to fend for themselves way . ” Chen said nearby residents or relatives to carry water , or go to the supermarket to buy drinking water problem to solve , or to take water area outside the park , and even went to the neighboring island of Taiwan village to raise water.

Chen said the residents , sprinkler came last night , many community residents to take this line up of water , then the water had to wait a half hour , or even one hour . “Just Moon Court, there are 40 buildings , the number of residents had nearly ten thousand people , relying on a sprinkler water , not enough .”

It is understood that the day in addition to Moon Court, as well as some nearby residential appeared without water , many residents are faced with the difficult problem of water .

Water Company : two successive burst pipes

Leading Property Department : Security has been arranged for water to help the elderly

How suddenly such a large scale without water ? The staff said the water company in Fuzhou , Fujian Wan Road, Island Road intersection with the disc suddenly burst water pipes , and two successive bursts, just repaired a problem in another place , that led so long without water.

In response, Moon Court Property Office Director Wang said , the district without water problems they have a headache, because the delay in repair , residents have great views , and the 21st in the evening they had arranged for a sprinkler sent two water.

” After the water company and discuss them today arranged for a sprinkler over the place now only be able to carry water .” Wang said , taking into account some residents really go very far for water , which they had arranged a sprinkler car turns water in two places and is now fighting sprinkler second vehicle .

Pipe burst in the field , the staff is stepping repair , repair of Master Chen introduced , because the water pipe buried too deep , plus the weather causes the surface thermal expansion and contraction , resulting in subsidence extruded pipes buried in the ground , causing a water pipe burst. ” Today, just over parts dislocation irrelevant , we are now using brackets cracking pipes, then be replaced with a new pipe , for repair as soon as possible .”

The staff also said that , given the large number of area residents , if the delay in the repair , they will be deployed to a water sprinkler , water as much as possible to alleviate the difficult problem of residents. According to Deputy Director Wang introduced after the incident , the district has arranged for security to help some of the much older or mobility impaired people carrying water